Ace Longreach Floor Trusses


Longreach trusses are a premium performance product using nail-plated, all-timber trusses of any depth, but typically 300 mm To 400 mm deep.

Longreach can be designed for all common floor loads, including commercial loadings up to 5 kPa or point loads up to 6.7 kN. Longreach trusses are slightly heavier than Pryda Span trusses or Posi Strut. Because they are all-timber, they generally have a stiffer performance and dissipate floor vibrations very well, while the nail-plates connecting the webs and chords are quite substantial.

  • Easy to Install. Truss end support connections are pre-manufactured to fit. No cutting or notching will minimise the possibility of mistakes.
  • Ease of Access. Flexible ducting, electrical wiring and electronic data cabling can be easily run between the truss webs.
  • No Hole Cutting Required. Simplifies the work of following trades. Plumbing, ventilation ducts and conduits can be simply attached to the webs or chords without any cutting or drilling holes.
  • Faster Installation. Quicker installation times provide the opportunity to reduce construction costs.
  • Stable Platform During Construction. The wide chord flanges are more stable for tradesmen moving around the elevated areas on a job.
  • Lightweight. Trusses are much lighter than solid timber sections. Much easier to handle and lift on site.
  • Floor Set-Down Feature. A section of Longreach floor trusses can be manufactured with a reduced depth to accommodate tiled wet areas and other floor coverings in bathrooms and on balconies.
  • Consistent Depth. Longreach floor trusses can be manufactured to the same depth for the entire project to eliminate uneven ceiling levels at little extra cost - regardless of the variations in spans.
  • Robust Construction. More robust than other prefabricated systems, and more able to resist the effects of mishandling.